A Student’s Lament

It’s winter, my favorite time of year and I have yet to read a book of my choosing.  Considering that my blog name is Page Turners Hollow, this is completely unacceptable, I know.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m reading plenty.  I’m reading about the Civil Rights Movement and gender transitions, and the exploitation of women all over the world.  I’ve read about sustainable watersheds in Mexico and common property regimes in the Netherlands.  It’s all actually fascinating and I love my classes.  But I need some me reading time.  You know, where you grab your favorite book, curl under a blanket and get lost.  I have a feeling this isn’t going to happen for quite some time.

I can hear you.  You’re asking, “why aren’t you reading right now instead of writing this piece of irrelevant crap” (thanks for the critique, btw.)  It’s because when I finally DO get through my reading, and analyzing my reading, and organizing group discussions surrounding my reading and writing papers about my readings, it takes all my control to not strap on my 6 month olds bib and go drool silently in a corner, rocking myself back and forth.  (Oh, come one, you’ve thought about it too.)  Not that I’m complaining (ok, maybe a little bit).  I like my school.  I like what I’ve done with my life.  I’m over halfway to done and I feel like I am over the hump (Don’t even say the word “Masters” to me because I’m SO not even there yet) so I know I just need to push through it. 

But maybe, just MAYBE I can squeeze in some easy to read, slightly smutty, self-indulgent, barely literature paperbacks over the spring break???  I’ll feel like a vegetarian on a burger binge!


About pageturnershollow

My life is in constant motion and sometimes I just need to take a moment to breathe. I have learned to laugh at the hardest parts or my life and move on with optimism. Most days around here end with laughter.
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5 Responses to A Student’s Lament

  1. Amy says:

    the image of you in the corner, drooling and rocking…funny/scary! love you, great start, lets read some smut together. check out my blog that hasnt been updated in 3 years! my goal is to pick it back up again too, but i dont know if i will stick with blogspot or move to wordpress, there are a few blogs on wordpress that i follow and love 🙂

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