Classroom Doodles

I am one of those people who need to keep my hands busy while I listen.  So often times when I am listening to a lecture I doodle while taking notes.  They are getting more intricate, so I thought I would post them here for fun.  But my artistically inclined friends (you know who you are) can’t make fun of me!

Oh!  And as always, this is my copyright.  Any use without proper citation will result in strawberry vandals from all urban gardens and the removal of the pinkie toe from everyone’s second child.  I’m serious.

The background is just some leftover recycled paper scraps from home, no I didn't make it. I wish.


About pageturnershollow

My life is in constant motion and sometimes I just need to take a moment to breathe. I have learned to laugh at the hardest parts or my life and move on with optimism. Most days around here end with laughter.
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