The Day That Seattle Thawed

Last Friday was a momentous occasion.  Seattle finally broke 70 degrees.  Birds were singing, people were skipping and fountains spewed chocolate and gold.  Ok, well maybe not that last part, but it was truly a sight to behold.  So the hubs, the BFF and myself decided to take Big and Little Kidlet to Discovery Park. 

Part fun for the family, part research for class.  It was a day of adventure, crepes, asthma inhalers, double strollers on rugged trails, infants eating rocks, sunscreen, sandy sandwiches, running in the surf and finally a campfire in yard.  Truly a perfect Seattle day.  🙂

Team Hubs! Trekking uphill with a baby pack, and a loaded double stroller containing a 4yo!

Loop Trail . . . that's what we chose. It was a bad choice.

Yaaay! So beautiful! So hot! We Washingtonians can't handle anything above 55.

Then the stairs came. They weren't so bad, the stroller just kind of gently coasted down them.

Then they turned to this. We couldn't go back. LK was crying like crazy in the pack and we were all wondering what we had gotten into . . .

When we finally caught view of the West Point Lighthouse, BK took off in a sprint to get away from the crazy people who made him hike . . . 😉

Everyone was famished! LK ate half of Mommy's sandwich, goldfish crackers, seaweed and sand. Then passed out in the shade.

The tide was out and left lots of room for exploring in the warm tide pools.

It was gorgeous!

BK is hunting for the air bubbles that I told him clams make.

BK hanging out with his Godmother. He ❤ his GM.


Mt. Ranier, wooded trails and a beach all in Seattle. What more could we ask for?


Back through the trails to Ft. Lawton Cemetery

It was beautiful and quiet. Heavy with the past.

Lots of the men buried had their wives names inscribed on the backside of the tombstone.

This was the only one I saw buried with his son. It touched my heart.

It was a wonderful day in Seattle.  I wish I had taken pictures of stopping at Dick’s Hamburgers for dinner with friends.  Meeting more friends at home, having an impromptu outdoor fire, marshmallows and french press, but you all have your own memories that are similarly heartwarming.  It was a great intro to  summer!

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My life is in constant motion and sometimes I just need to take a moment to breathe. I have learned to laugh at the hardest parts or my life and move on with optimism. Most days around here end with laughter.
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