Dada Piece

For my Film, Literature and Consumer Culture class we had to make a Dada Collage.  My teacher gave us absolutely no parameters, saying it could be as small as a postage stamp or as large as a poster board.  I loved this, my friend, Christy hated it!  😉 

He wanted something that addressed our societies obsession with consumer culture, any aspect of it.  I really liked how mine turned out.  Here is the description of Dada Art according to Art History at, I underlined the points I thought were extremely notable:

What are the key characteristics of Dada art?

  • Dada began in Zurich and became an international movement. Or non-movement, as it were.
  • Dada had only one rule: Never follow any known rules.
  • Dada was intended to provoke an emotional reaction from the viewer (typically shock or outrage). If its art failed to offend traditionalists, Dada writing – particularly Tristan Tzara’s manifestoes – proved a fine, nose-thumbing Plan B.
  • Dada art is nonsensical to the point of whimsy. Almost all of the people who created it were ferociously serious, though.
  • Abstraction and Expressionism were the main influences on Dada, followed by Cubism and, to a lesser extent, Futurism.
  • There was no predominant medium in Dadaist art. All things from geometric tapestries to glass to plaster and wooden reliefs were fair game. It’s worth noting, though, that assemblage, collage, photomontage and the use of ready made objects all gained wide acceptance due to their use in Dada art.
  • For something that supposedly meant nothing, Dada certainly created a lot of offshoots. In addition to spawning numerous literary journals, Dada influenced many concurrent trends in the visual arts (especially in the case of Constructivism). The best-known movement Dada was directly responsible for is Surrealism.
  • Dada self-destructed when it was in danger of becoming “acceptable”.

Anyway, here is my Dada piece for class, both sides.  I hope you enjoy it, tell me what you think:






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