Easy DIY Clothesline

. . .

If you are interested in putting up a clothesline to save with laundry costs and help with environmental stewardship, then you should read Sarah Rae Trover’s blog on building one for $5!

We used her diagram to install two outside and one inside.  It cost more than $5 per line, more like $10, but the financial breakdown was still incredible!  We went to Home Depot the pricing was about $11 for 3 total clotheslines:

  • 9 Large Screw Eye Hooks ($.98/bag of 2, so we had 10 total)
  • 2 100′ lengths of Rope ($9.99/ea.)
  • 3 Carabiner ($.99/ea.)
  • 3 large Cleat Hook ($1.93/ea.)

Not including tax that totals $33.64!  That’s $11.23 per clothesline, which is WAY less than I was going to spend on one.  Plus each clothesline gives you two levels!

. . .

This has greatly helped reduce my use of the dryer and I feel like with how much clothing we go through as a family of 4, it dries it just as quickly because the lines hold so much.  If you are thinking about installing a clothesline, give it a try and check my blog on DIY laundry soap at home.  It’s great for those with sensitive skin.  Also, visit Amy’s Cache on Tumbler for terrific photos of clotheslines, kitties and cities!


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6 Responses to Easy DIY Clothesline

  1. Mom says:

    I like the clothsline. I love the smell of cloths dried on the line. Especialy sheets.love you.

  2. Kim Andersen says:

    Well, I made my own laundry soap and put up my own clothesline this week! Thanks for the inspiration!

    You had asked about hand dyed muslin. There are some great DIY articles for dying fabric and yarn using KoolAid believe it or not! For my project I used store bought dyes, but it wasn’t nearly so much fun! A couple of years ago, I dyed wool with KoolAid and had great colorfast results too!

    • Awesome! I have a new recipe using Dr. Bronner’s that I will post. Thanks for the muslin tips. I think I will get a batch from joann’s with my coupon and dye some batches to have around!

  3. John says:

    That’s easy plus I don’t have to drive far because the nearest Home Depot store from my house is like practically up the block so it’s like I don’t have to drive or I could just walk there…not really beacause the store is on a main highway (Sunrise Hwy, Bay Shore, NY) but if I could it would save more energy. Or instead I could just walk to the back way (all side streets) so it’s no problem.

  4. Awesome! I believe craft stores like Joann’s Fabrics also carry what you need to make, or possibly your local grocery store!

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