My Excuses

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Dearest Blogging Community,

Please accept my sincerest apology for my recent absence in our comforting cyber community.  I admit I was weak.  Sunlight filtered in through my windows and lured my away from my brightly lit screen.  It danced on my skin and made my fingers flirt with the soil and earth.  I sat in its warm rays and ate the enticing vegetables we made together.  Sun coaxed me to meet its friend, Creativity, and together we worked my fingers, to create and cultivate and before I knew it I went to sanding and repainting some beautiful pieces that called to me.  I felt paper tear beneath my fingers, glue made them sticky and fabrics ran under my ink-soaked finger tips as Creativity and I continued to bond.  I walked aimlessly through thrift stores and garage sales, looking for things that called to me.  I ate Moroccan food on the floor and danced the night away with my best girlfriends.  I hopped a boat up north for the afternoon and rode a school bus for the first time since I was a kid. I rolled out pizza dough made from scratch and laughed with my friends by a campfire.  I fingered the pages of new comic books and planted more seeds in the earth.  I walked around the city snuggled in deep for a movie with my family.  I’m sorry for straying, but I’m not sorry for the fun and memories!



About pageturnershollow

My life is in constant motion and sometimes I just need to take a moment to breathe. I have learned to laugh at the hardest parts or my life and move on with optimism. Most days around here end with laughter.
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