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The Holiday

The cloud cover that envelops the Pacific Northwest is often blamed for quirks within the population.  Pacific Northwesterners are often vitamin D deficient and medical professionals have linked the large portion of gray days along the Salish Sea to everything … Continue reading

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Bitten By the Con Bug

At first, I started out small.  One little Sunday pass to PAX . . . just a little bit to try it out.  I thought I could handle it.  I went to panels, I got Wil Wheaton’s autograph, I chatted … Continue reading

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Plastic – In Our Lives

I have begun a love affair with glass.  It began with my second son being born when we decided to use glass bottles instead of plastic.  Then I began canning and using old jars I found for art projects.  As … Continue reading

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Sunset at Golden Gardens

The family and I took advantage of a great Seattle day and went to watch the sunset at Golden Gardens.  The Kidlets loved playing on the playground, I loved walking along the beach, collecting rocks with my eldest.  It was … Continue reading

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I like where this is going . . .

Do you ever look around at your life and you can see you’re heading somewhere good?  This month I decided I would try to hand make all the gifts I gave for birthdays in July (we have a lot in … Continue reading

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Time is a funny thing.  A year ago I remember urging time to go faster.  I felt like an insolent child, running around their exhausted parent, pulling their arms forward, then running behind them to push them along.  I remember … Continue reading

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My Excuses

Dearest Blogging Community, Please accept my sincerest apology for my recent absence in our comforting cyber community.  I admit I was weak.  Sunlight filtered in through my windows and lured my away from my brightly lit screen.  It danced on my … Continue reading

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