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Halloween Silhouette Lanterns

I have recently been inspired by some great Halloween projects out there and wanted to get the ball rolling before I start school at the end of this month (Senior year, ya’ll!  Woot!) I really liked the painted Halloween jars … Continue reading

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Easy Apple Cider

Well, despite the sweltering (to me) 80 degree weather, BK had been begging all week for some apple cider!  I think he inherited my love for autumn and me putting in movie after movie of family friendly Halloween movies didn’t … Continue reading

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More jamming done today. Strawberry-Rhubarb and Raspberry-Blackberry.  All were grown local at purchased at farmer’s market.  The blackberries in particular were picked by a local forager who went to some clear cuts in the Olympic Peninsula to pick native berries.  (Those big … Continue reading

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Sunset at Golden Gardens

The family and I took advantage of a great Seattle day and went to watch the sunset at Golden Gardens.  The Kidlets loved playing on the playground, I loved walking along the beach, collecting rocks with my eldest.  It was … Continue reading

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Time is a funny thing.  A year ago I remember urging time to go faster.  I felt like an insolent child, running around their exhausted parent, pulling their arms forward, then running behind them to push them along.  I remember … Continue reading

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The Day That Seattle Thawed

Last Friday was a momentous occasion.  Seattle finally broke 70 degrees.  Birds were singing, people were skipping and fountains spewed chocolate and gold.  Ok, well maybe not that last part, but it was truly a sight to behold.  So the hubs, … Continue reading

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Walk Around the Garden

Spring feels like it has officially commenced.  It’s still light out in the evenings so we can take the kids for a bike ride or walk the dog around the neighborhood and have some quiet couple time.  The other day … Continue reading

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