Pieces of Me

I am a Seattleite, mother, geek and student.

I’m an avid reader.  I like gaming, DnD, board games, dancing in the shower and singing off-key in the car.

Photo courtesy of Stephenie Horman 2010

I love entertaining and making people feel at home here at my house.  I have an open door to friends and family that need a meal, a bed or a load of laundry done!

You could probably classify the type of music I listen to as mainly indy, but I like all types, except maybe rap.  What can I say?  I’m not a balla.

Little Kidlet - Photo Courtesy of Amy Swank

I love to cook, and my experiments (the good and the bad) will probably wind up here.  Enjoy them, either way!

I guess I’m what you would call artsy, but not in the pretentious, obnoxious way.  I dabble in photography, sketching, writing, arts and crafts, but I do so for my own personal fulfillment.

I’m pretty low-key.  I like boots, sneakers and jeans.  I rarely, if ever, wear make-up.  I love camping and being outside.

Big Kidlet

Lastly, I love to laugh.  I make myself laugh often and if I can make you laugh too, that’s just a bonus.

One more thing. . . I’m never going to pretend I’m something I’m not, eventually it just bites you in the ass.  I will try to be as honest as possible because there is no reason for me to be anything but the way I am.

 {because the way i am is beautiful.}


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